Majestic Velvet Soles

In our kennel we deal exclusively with highland fold cats. Our cats are family members living in a family house with us. All our cats have had their genetic testing - PKD1, OCD, fold mutation - done at the University of California, Davis laboratory. It is important to us to test our standing cats for lop ears. All our cats test normal. On our website you can find the tests in pdf format. We also test our kittens for PKD1. The main goal of our breeding is to maintain a good and high quality genetic standard, our healthy and balanced kittens are waiting for their loving families. We interview the candidates in a few sentences, because it is important to us that each kitten finds the dream owner that best suits its character.
Highlandfold kittens are very friendly with people and children. They can be a real companion, who is not intrusive, waits until they have permission and only then cuddles up to you.
They are medium sized, compact kittens.
We only welcome applications from new owners who we can keep in touch with in the future, and maybe even meet at a show in Europe.

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