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Rocky Mountain Persian, Exotic Shorthair Cats and kittens, Feline Information, cat information about health, tips on grooming and much, much more. Get more information on Persian cats, Persian kittens, and cat shows. We have spent quite a bit of time developing a website that we feel is fun to visit, functional as well as educational. I hope you enjoy your visit to our website and searching for your next companion. When we developed our website, we felt that if we could answer just one question someone had about their Persian and Exotic Shorthair cat, it was well worth the time we spent to build it. We have included information about the difference between doll faced Persians and extreme faced Persians, information on how to distinguish between a reputable and responsible Persian cat breeder from a backyard (for profit only), Persian cat breeder, gr4ooming your Persian cat, states pf Persian kitten development, as well as information on poisonous plants and household toxins.

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